Mukogodo Forest conservation follows Participatory Forest Management practices which are championed by Kenya Forest Service and guided by Forest Management and Conservation Act, 2016.

The communities living adjacent to the forest has been granted access and sustainable use of forest resources. The Community Forest Association is founded by ‘user groups’; these groups have diverse uses of the forest:

  • Beekeeping and honey harvesting
  • Collection of medicinal herbs
  • Eco-tourism and outdoor recreational activities
  • Grass/fodder harvesting and grazing
  • Fuelwood collection
  • Butterfly farming

Mukogodo Forest has a rich assemblage of wild flora and fauna. Our Iconic wildlife includes elephants, lions, and wild dogs, at least bird species, and numerous butterflies. The dominant tree species is “red cedar”. Insert links for mammal list, NTFP list, and bird list

Mukogodo Forest was ranked the 3rd best community managed, protected, and conserved forest in Kenya (from a survey carried out in the year 2004 by independent researchers insert link).

The Forest serves as a natural grass bank during droughts for livestock from the adjacent community lands achieved through planned grazing.  It has 10 critical, well-protected water sources (springs) for people, livestock and wildlife

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