Friends of Mukogodo (FOM):

Mukogodo Forest forms the last great wild forest in Laikipia. A visit to Mukogodo is an exceptional experience as the terrain, vistas, and purpose of the Forest come together in special combination.

Friends of Mukogodo is established to help the Forest’s community based organization take care of their natural heritage. Your support helps the Community Forest Association  (CFA) with ranger equipment, communication, wildlife monitoring, security, tourism management/services, and the control over the use of resources.

ILMAMUSI Community Forest Association represents the four conservancies/group ranches surrounding the Forest. They are responsible for managing access and use into the Forest by surrounding community groups. All access and use of the Forest complies with a Forest Management Plan and is in agreement with the laws of Kenya as represented by the Kenya Forest Association.

All access to the Forest is controlled by the CFA , and permission to enter the Forest as a visitor must be secured through the CFA’s HQ at Lairagai.

As a FOM, you are afforded free access to the Forest. Present your FOM card as proof of your support.

Fees for overnight, camping and guide services are extra.

Friends of Mukogodo is part of the ILMAMUSI CFA’s fundraising and support efforts. Membership and your donations are managed in conjunction with the Laikipia Forum. Reports on the.


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