Soit Ekijape View Point

The forest has attractive campsites within the forest canopy and stunning viewpoints.  A visit to Mukogodo forest is not complete without experiencing the picturesque scenic view of Soit Enkijape.

This is a massive rock outcrop which straddles the Northern part of the forest, interrupted by rolling hillocks and valleys. It overlooks Tassia Lodge in Lekurruki Conservancy and gives a panoramic view of the landscape all the way to Archers Post in Samburu Ecosystem.

The viewpoint is accessible from Borana Conservancy and Ilngwesi Conservancy which are linked to Mukogodo Forest with suitable, all weather roads.

The viewpoint has a nice camping area. You will be required to bring your own camping gear, foodstuffs and water. ILMAMUSI will provide security to the campers at a fee.

GPS Location: 37N 0310366

                       UTM 0042642

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